Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Out of stat taxpayer resentment?
March 16, 2011 | 09:21 AM

I have to laugh at the comments made by Mary and In State Taxpayer. If that is the case then maybe all the tax dollars we out of state property owners pay into your local schools and government bodies should be greatly reduced given we do not use the schools. How do they take marching orders from the NO people when we cannot even vote in the local elections on issues that have tremendous impact on our tax bills? Realize that a significant portion of the local school budget comes from out of state property owners who do not even have a local voice when it comes to elections, referenda, and the like. If the assessed value of Cedar Point Park homes were removed from the Williams Bay school district tax levy the local district would be in a far greater financial bind than they are already. It is about time they listen to the concerns of all property owners/taxpayers as well as learn to exist within the constraints of their budgets as well as take the steps for much needed school consolidation.

Cedar Point Park Taxpayer
Williams Bay