Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Re John S taxes ??? Confused ?
March 18, 2011 | 08:32 PM

John I wish I understood what you meant by your comments. I own a condo and paid almost 7K in real estate taxes and have been since the resort opened as a condo tel. I don't know where you read that either I didn't agree that you paid taxes or that I said I would give you your cash back. Maybe you confused me with the previous commenter whom I was correcting. (stick it to me again)

So no, your tax money is not coming back to you. It went to the proper government agencies who collect real estate taxes for properties that we all own. Plus we pay mortgages and assessments, and have been supporting LLR while its been closed in anticipation of its reopening. My issue was with the comment by the reader who thought that LLR would be tax exempt because of some religious affiliation. That is simply untrue and incorrect to take for granted those condo owners who continue to pay their real estate taxes to the community in which they own them. Further the resort itself will continue to pay real estate taxes, as it never stopped paying taxes, even while it was foreclosed upon by Anchor Bank. Someone always owns title to a property and those entities if they intend to continue to own those properties will continue to be responsible for those real estate taxes. So other than tax reductions coming as a result of the reduction of property values, not a dollar of tax money has been missed.