Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 19, 2011 | 02:25 AM

Try taking the cap lock off, it defeats the purpose if all your words are capitalized. As for Ronald Reagan, that would be the same person who fired the air traffic controllers, right? Actions speak louder than words and that pretty much sums it up. As for the rest of your pablum, try taking a look at the garbage being spewed by union supporters. To hear them talk, you'd think they were nothing more than slaves. Sorry, I have a hard time finding sympathy for people who have it good but take every effort to try and convince the rest of us how hard they have it. If things are that bad in their cushy government job, quit and find something else. Problem is that will never happen because the dirty little secret is it's a good gig. I'm tired of having to make sacrifices in my budget because my property taxes go up every year because government employees think we owe them. I'm tired of seeing friends who have businesses having to find ways to cut back while government keeps on spending. Finally, I'm tired of people like you criticizing those of us who voice our opinions that don't fit into someone's preconceived notion of what's civil. If you want to harp about being peaceful, try conveying that to those "peaceful" people making death threats....

Enough Already
Lake Geneva