Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Enough Already,
March 19, 2011 | 04:01 PM

The caps were left on because sometimes I speak loudly. If you think old RONNY was in charge of that decision your wrong. I know that conventional education teaches us that, but that's not the case. I'm sure you have some knowledge on that given the fact that they don't deny that anymore.As for the union members, they are not trying to convince you how hard they have it, they are fighting for the very thing that we deserve,including you. Yes you. I'm sure you have worked hard over the years to build a life for yourself, well so have they. Ok they went the union route but what that represents are rights, a fair decent wage, work safety and equality, health care. It is the way it should be for everyone on this earth. Why can't we all live well and prosper together? If we all stood together union and non union against the globalist elite and demanded our fair share of the riches on this planet we would all be happy, everyone. Doesn't that somewhat fit into your idea of what is civil? As far as the death threats go there is always going to be some that are off there rocker, you can't control that. I've been to the capital numerous times during the protests and there has been no chaos like the mainstream media would have you believe.I even had my kids there just as many others did. For all we know those threats could be real, false, or done by republican antagonist to discredit the protesters. It does happen in these situations.