Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 21, 2011 | 07:13 AM

Ok- I support the rights to peaceful protests - I do believe you are correct in that nuts are on both sides of this argument - look at the freak who shot the senator. He was a republican (tea party) screwloose.

However - I would NEVER bring my children to a protest rally. First - because the nuts are out there - they are not confined or constrained by the majority of peaceful protestors. If you as an adult wish to take this chance - go ahead. But seriously consider what you are exposing your children too. I've seen video clips of children in strollers for pete's sake. Are you going to seriously tell me that those kids have any clue to what this is about for the parent pushing the stroller?

I have other concerns about the teenagers who are marching in circles too. While they may have a better understanding of the issues, you can bet that they are getting it in the classroom at least 80% of the time. I have a HUGE problem with that. That's a one sided discussion just based upon self interest. I understand that - don't get confused - I do understand that peoples wallets are affected here. But those same children marching and the ones pushed in the stroller - are going to be paying for our choices as taxpayers for the past few years.

Doyle took what he needed to keep the 2/3 funding committment. Well - he's out now. We have no place left to steal (oops I mean creative accounting transfer) from. The same people who will be taxed for whatever benefits are STILL being given will be saving themselves some tax dollars. Think of it as recycling your own money.

I'm in the boat with you here - I'm a public employee. I don't want my children to start out in their personal lives with massive (or even minor) debts. That's why I saved for their college education - I got it covered. I don't want my children paying for our spending now either - same concept. Lets get ahead of the game here.