Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Convert it for Business
March 22, 2011 | 01:01 PM

I'd like to see LL be converted to a White Collar Business /EducationPark..a Full Year Round Enterprise and not a Resort.. We Have more than enough Seasonal Facilities around these towns and Not enough Year Round Businesses to keep the Towns Viable the other 8 mos a Yr..
and provide Alot better Jobs..than Resort -Service Sector jobs..that do nothing but attract lower educated and lower job skill workers into our community..

And what , if anything is Going on with the Old Dog Track? What a Waste that one has been.
Maybe the New Republican Gov and Republican Reps can bring some Business to the area?

Both Lake Geneva and Delevan have been Morgues these past few yrs, 8 mos a yr..Last one leaving turn out the lights..and never saw so many Homes and Condos For Sale! and Lowes, Chili's and the others? I'm amazed they're still here!

Geneva Lakes