Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Nice.. For the Rich, but not for everyone else..
March 22, 2011 | 01:16 PM

So what about the rest of us, that Live here Year Round!
In those other States/Towns? Their Yr Rnd. /State Residents Get Major Tax Breaks off their Real Estate Taxes!
Resident Tax Credits, Senior Tax Credits, and the list goes on..
And you wonder why your Kids are leaving? There's No Decent Paying ( $40k+ yr) jobs here for them.. Unless? they want to work in the Service Sector or At Wal Mart or Home Depot/Lowes...making $10 hr..
and They ought to take a drive around and count how many For Sale Signs pop up and ck listings.. The most I've seen in 25 yrs! Probably alot are Repo's..

I'm amazed Mercy and Aurora Health Care have Clinics here.. Wonder who they expect to get Enough Paying Patients from? They surely won't be the 2nd Home owners from Illinois ( Chicagoland) while their here 2-3 mos a yr..let alone Medicare patients..