Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Great Timing vs the Economy..
March 22, 2011 | 01:36 PM

I'd like to know, since we've had a Decrease in Residents, a Decrease in Home owners and more Repo's and Places for Sale, where are all these Added Kids comming from?
R they comming from Tax paying Residents? R They being Bused into our District? R they Illegals? or a Combination of all of the above? ( WTMJ radio did a story on this about another School District and Town having this problem )

If Trevor School was Built for expansion, why not add there and tear this old building down? The recent Gov. Action and Exposing how much Education/ Teachers Costs raises concerns as well.. And No-one Budgeted for these kinds of Repairs Yrs ago? I budget so much a Yr for Maintaining and Replacing things for my Home.. Set the $ aside for that and most of it is there when I need it..

And with over 50% of the Homes being Owned by Out of State Residents? R they going to want to pay More Taxes for Our Schools? and after hearing how our Wi. Teachers make over $75-$80k yr with Benefits?

Btwn Businesses Going Broke? Like Lake Lawn and dozens of other Smaller One's all closed up and many others On the Brink...UnEmployment over 20% in the county? Food Pantries running out of Food! Lake Geneva City council meetings providing some very Dim reports and projections..

This area needs Jobs! And not Lower paying -Service Sector Jobs the Resort business provides, but Average Median Income paying jobs.. ( $40-$60k yr) White Collar Professions.. And we need White Collar Businesses to hire them..

Maybe the New Republican Gov. and Republican Reprsentatives will help us get them...
I sure hope so.. I've seen so many HS Grad Kids and Young Adults making Nickels and dimes and will never make it on their own ...making $10 hr...