Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

In Response to Troy Allen Dyer and Retired
March 22, 2011 | 08:16 PM

Lake Lawn Resort has been a valuable asset to the entire Geneva Lakes area for well over 150 years. This resort has so much history that no one taps into. The biggest problem with Lake Lawn is when it went Condo/Resort-Hotel. I had a brother who worked there in the early 80's and this place was hopping and I mean hopping every outlet in the place was open. Over the next 2 decades of which I worked there in the early 90's it was mismanaged and became something it was never designed or meant to be. Every owner over the last 30 years focused primarily on corporate business and slowly pushed away the retail business. Retail Business (Families) who would come and spend money to enjoy themselves where Corporate Business basically keyed in on meetings and nothing else.
When a business like this does that it loses the very source of revenue that will carry them thru slow times. Corporate Business tails off just before the holiday season and doesn't pick up again til late spring. Long after tax season. I believe if this new ownership group looking at buying the resort would look at redeveloping a Retail Business (Family) resort they would see this Jewel of History become revitalized to what it once was and there would be year round employment.
Now, I take exception to the comment made by the commentor calling themself RETIRED where they say a seasonal business like Lake Lawn attracts low educated and low skilled workers. I take total exception and I am sure everyone else who worked there and at other resorts to that comment. I worked hard and provided the best service to each and every customer who walked thru the doors. Many times being treated like dirt and yet I smiled and provided the highest service to them. So, that comment is unwarranted and untrue.
Next turning the resort into a tax exempt religion compound or whatever makes no sense at all. Who do you think will pick up the lost tax revenue for such a large complex? The same people RETIRED called uneducated and low skilled people.
The Dog Track yes sits empty and it needs to be revitalized. I believe it could be turned into a Waterpark/Amusement park that will benefit everyone and be a "HOOK" attraction that Troy Allen Dyer commented on. Also remember before Lake Lawn started the big push for the large Condo addition it once had a Riding Stable right on the resort grounds and it has its own Air Strip. I remember when I worked there we had the antique air show fly in and back in the 80's they even offered plane rides to view the area from above. Two attractions done away with.
I feel with a little input and some ideas Lake Lawn could return to its rightful place as a destination. This whole area needs to stop trying to be Chicago and build on its own history. People come here from the big cities to enjoy what we offer and not what they can get at home.
Sorry for the length of my comment. I hate to see such a history filled resort lost.