Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Fiscal Resposibility WITHOUT the Removal of my Democracy
March 23, 2011 | 01:03 PM

The debate about our state's fiscal viability is a good one to have. One that can be brought back to Wall Street among other things. And it's a debate that our elected officials should have. But it is through this fiscal problem that you, Mr.August and Gov.Walker have decided to remove the voice of the people. In Act 7, you voted to create the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. It is an appointed board that replaces the Dept. Of Commerce. One of the first powers this board can change any rules that govern them. They can also vote themselves into the Wisconsin Retirement System. In the Budget Bill, the 1300 page 2 year budget for the state, we see another department, the Dept. Of Regulations and Licensing and replaces it with Department of Safety and Professional Services. This is made up of appointed boards as well....appointed by the Governor. Also in this bill, the powers of these groups are increased and the WIsconsin Economic Development Corporation gets 196,000,000. It already sits on 185,000,000, so you are adding more of Wisconsin's tax payers money for a appointed group with no oversight in anything that it does. I have only mentioned a couple of things that either have passed and/or will pass that takes away checks and balances. That is my big concern....the lack of checks and balances...and the lack of negotiations....both of which is what democracy is based on. So let's fix the buget probelm, but let's do it in a way that keeps democracy in our state.

Sara A.
Pell Lake