Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Dave, Willams Bay
March 24, 2011 | 08:05 PM

You made the following comment
"May I add that many of the same rich billionaires who are funding this attack made a fortune during this recession and our state employees should not be paying the bill. The state employees did not break the bank in the state of WI or any other state, period."
That is what you said. So am I to believe you feel it is alright that NON-State Employees and NON-Union workers should pick up the check though. You keep talking about all the billionaires who don't pay. Do you include in that group all the billionaire Unions who don't pay? After all what do you think your union dues go for. Your pay and benefit increase. Think again my friend. I am tired of picking up the check for union workers high pay, high benefits while I can't afford to keep insurance, home, car, food to just exist. Everytime a union gets their increases or goes on strike it costs me more and more and more. Do I see any unions picketing for my benefits, wages, job, etc? No, the only care if I pay dues and if you look hard enough I'll bet you will find most of your negoiated increase goes toward higher dues.

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