Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Pleasantly suprised
March 25, 2011 | 09:22 AM

During the recent election cycle I thought that Mr. August would match my perception of Senator Kedzie - an empty suit spouting conservative tax cutting rhetoric without the guts to make the tough choices necessary to bring spending into line with revenues.

Well, Representative August, Senator Kedzie and Governor Walker have been a breath of fresh air by bringing a measure of reality to Madison. The Budget Repair Bill could mean political suicide for each of them at next election cycle, but they made a tough choice that no one else has dared to make. Not only have the taken horrendous criticism from unions, teachers and other proponents of the status quo, but they also have been abandoned by numerous big name Republican candidates for President and Republican leaders in the US House and Senate who obviously do not have the courage and leadership to bring federal spending under control. (I will not forget that is took "conservatives" such as President George W. Bush and Congressman Paul Ryan to pass the largest expansion in entitlement spending since President Johnson, the Medicare Prescription Drug Act, into law).

The proposed state budget deficits are nothing new - they have been looming on the horizon for years. Governor Doyle and the previous Democratic controlled legislature offered no other competing plans or alternatives during the last two years while they were in control. My guess is that had the Democrats retained control after the last election they would have followed them same path as Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois Legislature and just passed a huge tax increase without addressing the spending side of the equation.

I hope that Representative August, Senator Kedzie and Governor Walker are willing to continue making tough choices regardless of how it affects their political careers.

James from Lake Geneva