Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE: Time Will Tell
March 27, 2011 | 08:41 PM

I just don't understand this constant need to redevelop businesses? That in my opinion is what always gets these businesses in trouble. The real successful businesses are the ones that can take what they have and make what they have a success by marketing and developing. I firmly believe this area does not need anymore Conference Centers, Condo's and total refurbishing. Look at what you have to work with and bring in a staff who feels the same passion as you the owner and work together to develop your business. We in this country spend way to much time and money trying to one up other similar businesses instead of making what we have the best it can be.
I have talked to several people around this area and non of them are familar with the rich history Lake Lawn has to offer. This history of this resort is what they should be promoting and not just New Condo's or Corporate meeting center. Those places are a dime a dozen already.
My suggestion to the new owners is look deep into the resorts history and build your business around that. Promote it as a destination a place to visit and experience what this part of Wisconsin is all about.
As for rating any property against others in my opinion is wrong because every one is different and should be judged on its own merits and qualities.
How can you judge the Abbey in the same catagory as the Grand? Also the Abbey as part of its redevelopment plan was to put a Waterpark in and it settled for 4 outdoor pools. Only useable in the summer where a Waterpark is year round. At the Abbey you have to leave the property to do any of the local attractions. Where at the Grand it is all outside your room. As is the case for much at Lake Lawn. To get to the lake at the Abbey to rent a boat you have to leave the property. The Harbor I believe is not owned entirely by the Abbey, to play golf you have to leave the proberty or to really do anything else. Their signature Dining room the Porto has been closed for years now. It sit s empty and idle. Their in house club the Nightcrawler is gone completely and is now a meeting room. All entertainment was moved into the small Waterfront bar. I just believe you have to judge every business on its own merit.