Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

@ WH
March 28, 2011 | 07:23 AM

Time to take off the rose colored glasses and see what the realities of the market will bare. A run down resort will not bring strong room rates nor the clientele that will spend money on golfing, dining, and more both on property and off. Tired resorts go by the wayside just as it did under the previous owners. If the resort does not have the bells and whistles for guests to want to stay there then it will sadly be in the same situation it is now in a few short years. Focus on the history of the resort but also have modern day amenities that guests expect like wi-fi, big TV's, top notch bedding, immaculate bathrooms, affordable dining, nightlife, as well as the meeting rooms and the like to accommodate the golf outings, corporate events, sales meetings, and more. It takes more than a swimming pool and lake access to fill hotel rooms. if you take poster WH's logic the resort wont last but a season.....make the investment to compete and you stand a great chance of winning with what could fast become a premier resort in the Lake Geneva area.

Time will indeed tell...
Williams Bay