Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE: Times Will Indeed Tell
March 28, 2011 | 08:35 AM

Maybe you need to take off your rose colored glasses as many others should. This area keeps playing toward drawing Chicago, Milwaukee and other large cities corporate business here for meetings. Well, if you look at the situation today you will find many companies are not straying far from their locations for business meetings because of costs. In Chicago many of the companies that once came to the area have no need to come here and pay for the same amenities they can receive within minutes of their place of business. Also, I worked at another local Resort and the GM there hinself stated that many companies instead of meeting at one location for corporate conferences are doing it now via the internet hookup from the comfort of their own offices.
I am not stupid to believe corporate business isn't needed. But, this area has lost its appeal to families as well because many resort/hotels just focus on Corporate business and don't market toward Retail business (families). It's those families with kids that will spend more money on a vacation/getaway than corporate business because when booking corporate business discounts play a large roll in their coming to your resort/hotel.
Yes Lake Lawn needs some updating on its structure without saying. But they also have more to offer than just the lake. I agree more attractions need to be added. I have always felt we need more live entertainment around here. I myself have an idea for a business in this area I believe will draw people. I wish I could find financing and investors for it.
We have so much to offer in this area that businesses have lost site of it. We are just like ANYWHERE ELSE USA. What attracts people to the Dells? It is all the things people can do there and not here. Why not add some of those things here and make the Chicago tourists stop here instead of passing thru on their way to the Dells. Maybe people like you need to take the blinders off and look at the whole picture. I don't care if you have a million beautiful Condo's to offer if you don't have something to bring in the people it doesn't matter. Costs for rooms are to high because of these Condo Associations. I say bring down costs and the people will come and business will improve as will revenue.