Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Lake Lawn Lodge
March 28, 2011 | 11:10 AM

This property has a rich and rustic history. I see so many comments about fresh paint and stuff. Had you been there before it shutdown? The previous group did a pheneomenal job of upgrading and updating. It is warm and inviting. Lake Lawn did a tremendous job of attracting the leisure traveler in addition to business. The fact of the matter is cashflow. When the economy took a dip the big properties which we rely on for revenue took big hits forcing them to reach deep into their pockets to keep the business running. They took this hit so the 300 employees could keep their jobs and the local government could keep getting room revenues. They could've certainly tossed in the towel a lot earlier but as many had faith the economy would turn back around. Well obviously that hasn't compeletely done so. I do agree with many we should be focusing on the more local travelers rather than big business retreats. Lake Lawn had many great amenities to cater to the local travelers. Great dining, indoor/outdoor pool facilities, walking paths, lake, gift shops, ice cream shops, kids play areas, great golf, arcade, etc. Let alone being minutes away from Lake Geneva and other destination areas.

I trust that the new local ownership group will do nothing more than take the logical business steps to help ensure success. We as a community need to help support this by leaving positive feedback to encourage travelers to our area. Remember our TAX Bills reflect good business in our areas. If they go down or go away who do you think will foot the bills in the long run?

Support Local Tourism!!!!

Lake Lawn Supporter
Lake Geneva