Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Lake Lawn will always have its own
March 29, 2011 | 07:48 AM

Our family was devastated to hear that Lake Lawn would close. We've been going to LLL for... 50? ... years. My parents me there. They would travel up from IL for weekend dancing with their friends. So thrilled to hear it'll re-open. We were there in Sept for a family birthday. 12 of us stayed the night, and we had a great time.

Back in the (most recent) real estate boom when the property was being redeveloped, I knew it was a mistake. The developers got too greedy. Oh, truthfully not just them. Their financers just as culpable. And the city of Delavan too. SOMEONE should have stepped up and said, "Hey, this plan is a bit too ambitious. Let's scale this back a bit. You know, leave a little room for the future." But everyone involved saw the dollar signs. People began to buy overpriced hotel rooms, thinking they struck a vein, and sadly many got burned. YES, they did a great job on the remodeling. The new rooms are fantastic. But I think they tried to stuff their pockets too full, nearly destroying the quaint appeal that was its main attraction - and the reason people were willing to drive past other resorts to go there. The RE bubble burst killed them, but they expedited the demise by trying to extract too much from the property. The remodel was needed. Hundreds of condos - not what's needed on the shores of Lk Delavan. No one saw that. Or if they did. they turned a blind eye in favor of the money.