Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 30, 2011 | 02:13 PM

I am TOTALLY OPPOSED to allowing a statue in DONIAN PARK. DONIAN PARK is a FEDERALLY PROTECTED NATURE PRESERVE. It is a WETLAND to allow for animals and plants to have a habitat. This is the ORIGINAL INTENT of the generous donation made by the Donian Family in honor of the great Samuel Donian, who was a generous, kind and successful family man whom made his living making ice cream and making people happy and successful. To allow any one to erect a statue is completely AGAINST the intent and purpose of the wetland preserve. And if one is allowed, when does it stop? May John Holmes, the pornography star, erect a statue of a penis in his honor there too? This is tantamount to Gygax erecting a statue there. It is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. Put it in a cemetary or on your own property please and respect the wetland preserve for what it is and let it be...

Susan Donian