Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To The Town Of Geneva Res
April 01, 2011 | 10:40 AM

Vote Lauderdale - This is a person who cares about are township and will listen to the voters.

Kopecky - This is a person along with bus drive Loomer who had us town res signed into a contract with the city of lake geneva fire dept which stated, The Town Of Geneva would cover 30 percent of all new equ cost that the city of lake geneva fire dept makes, Which Lauderdale was able to get us out of when he took office. So my point being is for anyone who has been reading the lake geneva news paper just remember the city of lake genenva has just approved the purchase of a $800,000 truck which would have been $240,000 that the town of geneva would have to pay if Kopecky was still in office.

Kopecky - March 2011 Town board meeting, for you people who were at the March 2011 town board meeting and got to see MR Kopeckys side kick who kept running his mouth like a child when the board was not even taking public comments. This guy does not even live in are township he lives in the city of Elkhorn.

Jim Daily - This is a person who lives on the corner of Willow Bend RD and North Como RD, His only purpose for running for office is because he was unable to get a pond installed on his property along with aprx $20,000 of excavating in a ditch line done and paid for by the township.

Joe Kepecky could screw up a one man band but if you want are township to keep running like a fine turned clock then make the right choice VOTE LAUDERDALE FOR CHAIRMAN.

Jim Daily - I think what is stated above says what this clowen is about, VOTE MILLARD.

Larry and dog face sandy could you please clean up your crap hole of a house thank you, remember Larry you do live on the on the lake in a shoe box.

Spedos Sidekick