Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Dissolve Reek or look for less fix it money.
April 14, 2011 | 05:05 PM

The only reason Reek needs $3.9M is because someone brought it to their attention that the money was available from the state or fed. Remember, There are educators and administrators, administrators are about money and not necessarily education.

Here's how this works. A consultant firm hires people (usually retired school administrators) to go into small towns to let them know that 2 or 3 million dollars are available to their town or district for school improvements. Once agreed upon and approved, the consultants get a 20% (on average) finder fee. The rest goes with the contractors , construction and everyone else. I'm not saying that's what happened here, but it does make one wonder.

Several years ago, this same scenario went down with Traver School. It was voted down and there was a back door referundum the public knew nothing about and it went through anyway (Gee, thanks for your opinion). This is the same deal with Reek. "Sorry you weren't clear on the concept of flaking bricks on the shool, but we're going to stuff it down the tax payers throat anyway because Linn Township can afford it!" Believe me, the voters were very clear on the subject and you were voted down!

Ya know, if it were a case of correcting the problem for say $1.9M I wouldn't care and would say fix it. The TOTAL arrogance of "While we're at it let's ask for $2M more and make a larger lunch room, a room out of a closet space and better office space." Is unacceptable. The next referundum should be to dissolve Reek District and combine it with Traver and spend any future allocations at that school. C''mon you have 125 students at Reek. Where do you think the growth is coming from to warrant $3.9M in expenditure to the taxpayers over a lifetime (the next 20 years) except to preserve some administrators livelhood.

Make sure this at least goes to another vote!

Same B.S.