Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Another Wisconsin Waste of Money
April 20, 2011 | 04:01 PM

Yes, the property is a unique time capsule looking back to the 19th Century, but at what cost to taxpayers. The State has already committed 3 MILLION to this "gift". The house is over 130 years old and in constant need of repair. It is a money pit for the state and will only get worse in the future. In addition to the actual cost of repairs and maintenance, how much of the Department of Administration's time and manpower are devoted to this "museum"?

Originally the only access was to be from the lake. This year we will have tour buses entering a neighbor of quiet lakefront estate properties. What's next wedding receptions?

Next time an idea like this is pushed for by Gage Crusie Lines. Let the State write a check to Gage and tell them to go away. It would be cheaper for the taxpayers that way.

Gage probably nets about 50 to 100K a year from these crusies. If the State gave them a check for MILLION Gage would be better off and the State would save 2 Million and counting.

One could say the cost of this museum is spread out over the all the taxpeyers in the State so the cost to locals is not that much, but one has to wonder how many of these money pits exist in counties all over the state that we are sharing the costs of.

We can argue about collective bargaining all day long. If we got rid of the these money pits, we would have to make the budget cuts that are dividing our State.

Why are all "great ideas" paid for with other people's money?

Not a Proud Wisconsin Taxpayer