Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Ryan has too much anti-Medicare baggage
April 20, 2011 | 05:43 PM

I'm not surprised that local Republicans seem to agree with Rep Ryan's way of governing, but I find in simply impossible that the man could be elected president given his recent proposal on Medicare. Assuming we set Medicaid aside for the sake of discussion, how in the world will this country take care of our seniors if we (A) privatize Medicare, which is what Ryan is suggesting, and (B) can the 2010 Health Care Plan, as many others are arguing. Ryan is suggesting that the government kick in a certain amount of money to every senior, and then tells them to go buy their own insurance. As an example of what that would cost, I am on the verge of Medicare and pay over $500 a month for myself. Who in the world can afford this unless they are still working? Then look at who over 57 has a high paying job.

The real killer is the insane idea that we can drop the upper tier of income taxes to 25% from today's 34.9%. It should be at least 40-45% to start to make up for the debts we incurred 10 years ago when we cut these taxes while we were about to go to war.
The president wisely waited until after Mr. Ryan stuck his foot in his mouth before the administration countered with a much more realistic way to deal with Medicare, not to mention the need to raise taxes. Trickle down simple does not work and never did.

Ryan may not even be in the House come early 2013. If he wants to run for president, he should take a crack at it now.

Williams Bay