Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

History is NOT a waste of money
April 21, 2011 | 10:53 AM

From the tone of the previous comment, it seems that there are citizens out there who have no sense of history and are against the state paying for anything. Then again, it might be someone who sees these visits as imposing on their privacy. I was not aware of the tour bus plan but having a few more visitors with limited trips may go a long way to help pay for this place. It was a bit hard for some to navigate the steps from the dock anyway.

Having visited Black Point, I must say that anyone taking the time to see this bit of history would surely disagree with the claim that it is a waste of money. Is Ronald Reagan's home in Dixon, IL a waste? How about Independence Hall in Philly? Most areas that have buildings that date back to the 1800s have found ways to preserve one or two and allow today's senior seniors to show their grandchildren and even great-grandchildren a bit of what houses were like before they were wired.

I actually grew up in a home in PA that was originally built before the Black Point mansion. It was once moved and rebuilt in line with the modern architecture of 1910 or so. Over the years, the various owners, including my father, gradually made the place more modern and energy efficient; to the point of taking out the stained glass windows and redoing the porch with aluminum siding. That is what happens if we do not find ways to preserve some of these classics. Worse yet, some rich millionaire might buy the land, rip down the place and put up a modern marvel like the new home on Geneva Street in Williams Bay.

Some day, many lakefront homes will all look like they came from Mars or they may even built out of plastic. I sure hope Black Point will still be there.

If we forget where we came from, how are we going to get where we are going?


Dave Yost
Williams Bay