Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

April 22, 2011 | 08:51 AM

What a moving story, Sal! I was thinking "Why don't they move in together?" and then read farther and saw that was exactly what they did. How wonderful! No neither adult will feel overwhelmed and lonely any more and the children will be much happier.

I urge everyone to give whatever you can to "The Time Is Now to Help" with the knowledge that every penny donated goes to the people who so badly need help. It's a scary time and will get scarier as the dollar continues to devalue, homes are repossessed and jobs continue to be scarce and to pay less than a family needs to survive.

Thank you Sal for the sacrifices you make daily as well as the sacrifices made by your family who willingly share you with people who so badly need your help. God bless you!

Pamela deRoy
Lake Geneva