Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

What happened to less government...
April 22, 2011 | 09:02 PM

Does Paul Ryan have a problem with the new "Financial martial law" being drafted for Wisconsin...that seems to me to be THE BIGGEST GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER EVER.

To remove ELECTED OFFICIALS because they fail a WALKER STRESS TEST...those are people that were elected by constituents with their constitutional right to vote! To over take a town is AUTHORITARIAN, and we are all aware of what that can lead to, Hitler is well known for his authoritarian movement.

Most of these GOP Senator's talking points and ideas are nothing more than a throw back to third world lifestyles...America is bigger and stronger than this.

The people have the power and the money, do not support or vote for policies that remove your rights our ancestors earned.

The budget is easily solved, roll back Bush era tax cuts, and make the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share again...then it'll be right back to receiving a federal surplus check like back in early 2000's. Being a middle class man, my taxes haven't changed much like my wages since then, so it's no skin off my ...

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