Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To: Sue Hogan
April 27, 2011 | 08:10 AM

I have lived here now for the past 20 years and vacationed here with my parents growing up since the 1950's. I remember all the things that made this area one you always wanted to comeback to and that is why my brothers and I moved here 20 years ago. But since that time I have seen so much of the area's history and charm torn down to make way for the eye sores you spoke of that it is sad to say Lake Geneva has become anywhere USA. The only thing this area has going for it is still that big pool called Geneva Lake.
I understand change is needed but I to would rather see a piece of history in person than read a plaque about what once stood on a particular spot. I guess as I celebrate my 55th birthday today I am feeling a part of history myself. I used to take for granted alot of things when I was younger. But, now I appreciate the past and respect it more.
Everyone talks about cost of up keep and it is true things cost money to maintain. But, everything in life costs money and without history we have no present and the future means less if that makes sense.