Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Telling People What They Want to Hear
April 27, 2011 | 11:15 AM

Not much new information in this story. Since the audience was so friendly, did they keep anyone out? I find it a bit unusual that a politician can propose that we get rid of Medicare and get a standing ovation? But then, Lake Geneva people are nice and respectful.

Rep. Ryan does point out that the Heritage Foundation generated most of his numbers. However, it is not just a conservative organization, it is way off the charts and for the most part is what is driving our latest flavor of very right wing conservative thought. If Ryan or others would even suggest we raise taxes on the rich, the Heritage papers would stop coming out and the money would dry up.

People like to hear that their representative is for lowering the debt and is against corporate tax loopholes and jobs going overseas. What they do not understand is that most of our debt came as a direct result of lowering taxes on the high end brackets in the 80's, 2000's, and even this last Dec. The loopholes are not just deductions. Tens of thousands of US corp entities use PO boxes in the Cayman Islands. Why. Because they can. Lowering corporate taxes is a good idea but the whole company better be on US soil. The rates for personal taxes should top off around 45% in order to maintain those programs like Medicare and Medicaid that are helping people. Ryan's plan is to hand over Medicaid to the states. If his argument wins, Gov. Walker gets to make the Medicare decisions.

Williams Bay