Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Mirbeau and Hummel have LOST this case!
April 28, 2011 | 09:21 AM

The judge in this matter has already issued an opinion that “unlike fine wine, this case is not getting better with time.” The judge asked the parties to resolve the dispute somewhere other than his courtroom. That does not sound very encouraging for Hummel and Mirbeau.

Thanks LGRN for stirring the pot and trying to sell more papers. However, you should at least try to present all the facts of a story. The Mirbeau case is running on fumes and will be over soon. The taxpayers will not have to pay anything to Hummel or Mirbeau. The lesson is don’t get in the mud with pigs (Hummel and Mirbeau) or you (the taxpayers of Lake Geneva) will get dirty. Say NO to out-of-state developers. STOP trying to make a quick buck off the good people of Lake Geneva.

John Q Public
Lake Geneva