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How about this...
April 29, 2011 | 09:29 AM

First, it takes alot of nerve to tell others how they should invest THEIR money and how much they're allowed to make on THEIR money.

How about we actually try and examine where the money's being spent before we simply take the coward's way out and "just raise taxes". Look at social security. It was originally meant to be a supplement to retirement, it was never designed to be a person's sole means of living. People are also living longer, meaning more money's being taken out that what was expected. Being a member of the 40 something crowd, I say do whatever it takes to fix it. I'd rather have less of something that all of nothing.

How about Medicare? Besides the extended life spans, I doubt the people who drafted the legislation imagined the money would be used to pay for "The Scooter" or any of these other "needs" people have. Maybe we could take a look at who's doing the spending and what they're spending it on.

Then we have our welfare system. Another local paper ran a couple stories just in the last week about fraud in the system. Let's face it, WE ALL KNOW people who are milking the system and freeloading off the taxpayer. Maybe it never crossed some people's mind to look into fraud, abuse, and the rules of the "game", but it's crossed mine.

Bottom line is before certain people demagogue about the evil rich and how they need to "pay their fair share", there's plenty of fraud and abuse to be investigated, and plenty of reforms that can be enacted before government is allowed to put their hands in our wallets again.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva