Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

I'm not 55 and where's my money?
April 30, 2011 | 08:30 PM

I pay on average 7000. a year in Social security and Medicare taxes, and have been for almost thirty years...and your telling me I can support the baby boomers, the largest group to retire, with full benefits but I will see nothing but a lousy voucher to HELP pay for the rising costs of Health care? That's robbery. That's taking money from middle class middle ages and transferring it to CEOs and corporate health care companies! Any people that would support such a plan are nieve and to think we have enough to pay for full benefits for the largest group of retirees but not enough to support anyone else. It sounds like change it now and change it again later, after they declare they CAN'T pay and nobody gets the trust funds but the politicians.

younger than 55 years old