Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

dave in the bay wake up
May 01, 2011 | 05:53 AM

Dave, if you think only the wealthy own the corporations, then you must not have a 401 of any form. You probably shouldn't even have a savings account either. IF you do, you are complicit in wanting the evil corporations profit schemes. Or you really suck as an investor if you get less than 2%. My suggestion to you is have your money in a bag. I will pick it up from you, no charge!, anywhere in LG. The hitchhike your way up to Mad City and attach yourself to the welfare teat. Dave, its simple, any business needs to make a profit to survive and pay the employees. If the company is big enough, they pay their investors(STOCKHOLDERS!!!) as well. Government does a great job of using all of our cash for some great things (roads, cops, army, help for the needy) but generally though, the liberal mentality is to spend without responsibility. Look at the education system! All of you teachers take note. The kids are just dumb. Great products of a failed GOVERNMENT system that can only suppose that MORE SPENDING is the cure. Dave, why don't you step it up? Adopt and home school 6-7 kids? Offer to pay more taxes? Can't here ya Dave, speak up. I am not going to do this because I am defining my life, not the govt. As for you Dave, get in line, those kids will get your fries for you.