Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Enough already
May 02, 2011 | 07:42 PM

Okay, so it's fine for me to pay for Social security and Medicare and receive nothing in return, but Corporations and Big Pharma get a pass at taxes and caps?

All you talk about is the taxes, services, education and welfare you shouldn't have to pay for, now tell me why I should pay for your health insurance with my income, and receive no benefit? Besides keeping you happy.

If there were caps on health care costs, or if medicine was a single payer system, we would have all share the cuts, costs and benefits. You only want what benefits yourself with no shared responsibility. Socialized medicine would have covered all and capped costs. Socialism is not Authoritarian, that would be declaring martial law on small towns and removing ELECTED OFFICIALS, for a politically appointed person.

This is about sharing the benefits of America, and if you live here OR do business here, then CORPORATION or PERSON, you pay taxes for the quality of life.

2/3 of Wisconsin CORPORATIONS pay NO TAXES. This is not a third world country and this is because we pay taxes for services like fire protection, police, education, and other essential services, that are taken for granted because they have always been here, without them we are no better than a developing country. Those benefits are shared by all and need to be payed for by all, corporation or person.

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