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You still don't get it....
May 03, 2011 | 07:18 AM

We have 2 choices. The status quo or make changes. If we continue on the status quo, you WILL GET NOTHING. We NEED to reform the system in order to ensure that there's something left for those of us under 55 as your put it.

It never ceases to amaze me that people like you always demonize the "wealthy", corporations, and any "big industry" for (once again) not "paying their fair share". Besides never being able to define "wealthy", or "fair share", I never hear the area of all the freeloaders, leaches, and system mooches addressed. They use "essential services" for "quality of life", but where's THEIR share of the responsibility or commitment? Seems to me those in that group seem to think that they have the "right" to GIMME GIMME GIMME and have everyone else PAY for it because they're 'entitled" to it.

You speak about socialized medicine. Here's a hint, it won't work here. Everyone talks about Canada. They have about 34 million people in the entire country. California alone has almost 37 million. You can't simply drop a one size fits all system onto 300 million people because what you get is the post office or the DMV of medicine. There's only 2 ways to control costs if you expect 100% cradle to grave coverage, force caps on what's charged or limit coverage and services. Good luck getting high quality people to go into medicine if they have no chance of making money. Personally, I like being able to go to a doctor of my choice and not have to wait 8 weeks to get an appointment.

Oh, BTW, care to share the proof you have to make the statement that 2/3 of Wisconsin corporations pay no taxes or was that a useful propaganda line from someone's manifesto?

Enough Already
Lake Geneva