Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Skateboard Park
May 06, 2011 | 10:49 PM

The longer I live here the more and more I am amazed at how backward this area is and the hard thing about it is this area is so close to civilization. I mean I just can't understand what the problem is with people here not wanting to improve the area, attract business which brings in revenue and jobs and doing so will hold the line on taxes to the residents. Everything that is discussed or presented to this area is always talked down. Is everyone so rich and well off that we don't need revenue here? Yet everyone screams at the higher and higher costs they have to pay for services. The way to solve that is bringing in more revenue to offset the higher costs.
I have seen a steady decline in business in this area over the last 10 years and it shows everywhere you go. All the empty storefronts, homes, for sale signs and so on. This area use to be so vibrant and busy most of the year and now it is becoming a ghost town. Even in the spring and fall. You know if I was a big company or even a mid sized company I would have to think 2 and 3 times before considering moving my company here. I would even have to think twice as a resident to consider opening a small business here.
The skateboard park is something that the local kids need and should be supported. Also it could be used to attract visitors to the area. I don't know if there is a cost to use it. But if not maybe there should be one to help pay for upkeep. As for someone working it, maybe the city could get a few high school kids to volunteer or pay them minimum wage to work it. Have an adult supervisor oversee it. But let it make money for itself.
This entire area from Genoa City,Lake Geneva, Pell Lake and Como needs to get its head out of the sand and seriously look into ways to attract business. Bars, Restaurants and Antique shops just don't cut it anymore. Pretty flower pots on lamp posts does not attract revenue.
This area and please excuse the terms needs a huge shot of adrenalin or an enema. I mean we are dying a slow economic death around here. Camelot is dying and it looks like no one cares.
It use to be enough for tourists to come here because of the beautiful lakes. Well those days are gone. People need things to do after they do the lake thing. A few years ago there was a hot air balloon company that wanted to open a small factory on the sight of the racetrack. They were going to make the baskets, balloons, have balloon rides and other things for tourists. That was shot down because of fear a balloon might land in a neighborhood. Just think about what an attraction that would have been. So many people would have loved to see the area from the sky.