Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Enough Already
May 10, 2011 | 07:28 PM

You stated and I quote "As for this skateboard/punk park, it's not the taxpayer's responsibility to give these kids something to do." Going with that theory it is not the taxpayers responsibility to supply and maintain a golf course either. Yet many expressed the want for the city to buy Hillmoor with taxpayer money. If you really want to get down to it then it shouldn't be up to the taxpayers to pay for and maintain any parks. Including Flatiron park, Library park, Dunn Field, Veteran's park, etc. There are yards that can be used for gatherings and such. Hey what about the beach? Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for that. Swimming pools can be put in back yards if a person wants to swim. The list of what taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for can go on and on.
As for kids working. What about those kids under 16? Then we have your comment and I quote "Tourists that ACTUALLY have money to spend. The ones that can afford to stay in our hotels, shop at our stores, eat at our restaurants, etc. Does that sound pretentious? " That comment makes very little sense because many of the tourists do spend money here and most stay at the local hotel/resorts and shop in the store. That is how all the businesses make their living. You also have those who have summer homes here, plus the one day tourists. Yes some do not spend money but the same can be said for many residents also. They BROWSE as you say and go home. Should we ban the tourists who don't spend from coming here and should we ask those residents who just BROWSE to leave also?
You know there is a solution to this Skateboard park issue on costs for upkeep and onsite supervisors. 1... Institute a charge to use it at the gate. Out of town people and tourist users pay at the gate. 2... Lake Geneva Residents can purchase a seasonal pass for a discount. 3... You hire a few people to work the park. You may even get a teen or two to work as a volunteer if you give them a pass to use the park on their days off. I think this idea could work and cost the city minimal money and still offer something to the kids and tourists.
Its time all the Scrooge's in this area come to terms with the reality that times have changed and interests have changed. People today have different ideas of recreation than we all had when we were their age.