Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

OK Albert
May 19, 2011 | 10:21 AM

How about we do this. Let's take a survey of the residents of Lake Geneva and ask then what kind of facility THEY would like. Perhaps some would like us to buy Hillmoor. How about a ice skating rink? Maybe a shooting range? Gee, we could have city owned bowling alley. Afterall, we could claim these as "creating infrastructure for the greater good of the community" and we could even work the numbers to show that the investment over the course of the life of the structure would be a mere "weeks worth of coffee". The point is that it isn't up to the city to provide recreational activities for anyone who happens to do something besides play softball. If there's a demand for something, let a private investor build it and charge for it.

There's a place where people go who have no concern for taxes and spending and just want their government to provide for them, it's called Europe.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva