Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

LG Park Biker
May 19, 2011 | 01:10 PM

I am a frequent bmxer at the Lake Geneva Skatepark and also a college student at UW-Platteville, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I'm proof that we are not all thugs and "gansters" at the skatepark looking to destroy things. I go there to relieve stress, test my bodies limits, learn something new, and of course socialize. At 20 years old, I am one of the the younger bikers in town that use the facility frequently, and many of the guys older than me are all really nice and will assist the youth of the sport. I know there have been a few acts of violence at the park though. The problem is that alot of the locals become bored and they see the park as a place to sit and hangout. This boredom is the main cause of violence. These acts of violence happen everywhere. I've seen worst things when I went to Badger. I would not be against seeing the police drive by the park more often instead of sitting in the new parking lot, behind the restrooms, where they cant see what is happening at the park. In fact they can't really see anything but the woods right in front of them. Now the 10,000 dollars of damage is not that much. First, the life expectancy of skatelight is only 10 years and the stuff is not cheap. Second the watermain break that happened was not caused by park users. The break has made a very dangerous environment for the riders, especially the skateboarders due to the destroyed foundation and gravel all over. This new park is necessary for the safety of the youth to keep them off the streets, and now just to have a safe park to ride.

Lake Geneva