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Killing multiple birds with one stone
May 26, 2011 | 02:45 PM

Bob Clueless - If you can't figure out what something like a SOCCER FIELD can be used for besides soccer, then you're an idiot. Hmmm, let's see, large, wide open space, couldn't be used for anything but soccer....

Albert - Yes, I'm one of those that believe that many of the "services" provided by government would be more efficient and cost effective if it were done by private business rather than city employees. Police and fire would be the exception, but you can't tell me that a private contractor wouldn't do a better job of keeping up the streets than some of the shovel leaners currently employed by the city.

B - I think you should head the campaign to get COMO to spend $300k on a skateboard park. Afterall, if there's such a need, so popular, and would benefit the community, and would create so many jobs, why not let it be Como that benefits? Perhaps Como doesn't want to become the area's babysitter that's why. Another example of free spending when it's someone else's dime.

W.H. - So let me see if I get this straight. Spend tax money and get profits = BAD but spend tax money and get nothing = GOOD? This skateboard boondoggle isn't an essential service, it's a convenience, a convenience that should be left for an entrepreneur to take a chance on, then we'll see if this is REALLY a need or if it's only a NEED if it's free. Seems to make sense that if there's as many people clamoring for this as all of you claim they wouldn't mind paying for it.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva