Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Respectfully, Something More Than Average Will Be Necessary!
May 27, 2011 | 06:28 PM


While not being "an expert in the hospitality industry", value added customer service is an art which has not changed, and one I have always offered since I delivered newspapers as a young child.

"Just clean/comfortable sleeping rooms at a fair price, a meal for mom/dad and the two kids that does not require a second mortgage, a pool that the kids can enjoy without needing a tetanus shot" JJ, this is what Hotwire/Priceline & Longhorn Steak House delivers from the 'dime a dozen' properties which have spread throughout like unwelcome dandelions.

If Lake Lawn Lodge is to reestablish itself, it must offer truly unique southern Wisconsin experiences. It can not be a cookie cutter copy of everything else. The ponies, trains, Children's clubs, youth golf, tennis, fishing, canoeing and the like bring families. Families who will return year after year and put Lake Lawn Lodge back on annual summer vacation calendars. That 'fixed' occupancy will allow Mr. Drescher's staff the flexibility to go after more varied interests and shore-up the remaining overhead.

Joe Fontana
Tampa, Florida