Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

As long as were at it....
June 03, 2011 | 10:27 AM

Let's petition the city for some of these:

1)Free wireless internet for the entire city
2)A free clinic for all residents to get check-ups and dental work done
3)A "smokers park" for people who smoke to get together and socialize
4)A parking ramp that's free for residents only, located downtown
5)Free shuttle services for residents to anywhere in town at anytime

Just a few ideas, all of which are at least as good or better than a dog park (or a skate park for that matter). Seems like all you have to do is throw the word park after anything and some people will be all in favor of it. If that's the case, I believe the city should build a Swedish Bikini Team park......

Enough Already
Lake Geneva