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Golf Course
June 07, 2011 | 07:35 AM

Golf course could be a dog park in the off season. City needs to see if it can get a 9 hole course back in play? Everybody wants a 9 hole course. Own the land have the course laid out..
City of LG has a lot on its plate and moving forward is an issue, just getting current is the job for the year or even the next few.
Hummel should get a pound of flesh just not the ton of flesh they are looking for. When that is settled in any way I think the city will be able to get traction and move forward.
Think I got noticed that the City of LG is getting a total re assessment and that will be great it it is done properly and possibly get the multiplyer down. Yes I predict the multiplyer will go down because there are still dastically under priced properties in LG
Good luck

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