Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

How much more
June 17, 2011 | 06:49 AM

of this do people have to swallow of this administrations BS before something positive gets done. All this partisan wrangling on Capital Hill, D.C and around the country is doing nothing to solve the problems. We have witnessed the democratic plan to restart the economy first hand now since January 2009 and things have only gotten worse. Instead of giving Wall Street the Bailout the Taxpayers should have gotten it. We would have paid up our debts to the banks and spent the balance. Thus the economy would have started moving forward. This way the banks would have been bailed out and the taxpayers would have been able to stay solvent and keep their homes and the housing market wouldn't be in its present state. There is a plan that would have worked. We would have solved 3 problems at once. Instead the Administration bypassed the people and gave the money to those who mishandled it causing this DEPRESSION in the first place. Stop this constant need to keep blaming previous administrations for the problem and get your A**** in gear and get this economy moving forward before it is toooooooooooooooooooooooo late. Blame? there is plenty to go around for everyone to share in so don't worry about not getting any. We need jobs that people can live on, pay bills with and not just work to get off unemployment. We need to seriously look at Illegal Immigration as a CRIME and not just a social issue. Let us get real about taxing the upper percentage of people in this country. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!! Why? Because every politician has something to lose if they raise the upper percents taxes. These votes that never pass are token votes only aimed at politicians re-election efforts.