Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

What a wonderfully moving story!
June 17, 2011 | 05:30 PM

I challenge anyone, man or woman to read it and not have tears running down their cheeks. Sal, you are magical! You listen, you act, you "wave your magic wand" and things happen and lives fall into place. What a wonderful thing you did here - to think of having these three women share a home and their lives thus solving all their problems at once. Now the woman whose mother is ill won't have to worry that she's alone or that something terrible could happen while she's at work. And an elderly lady, living all alone in the darkness of her home for days and weeks, now has something to look forward to every morning when she opens her eyes. She's with people who care about her and she provides a service by being company for another lady who needs her very much! To feel useful! That's SO important!

How blessed this county is to have you as a part of it. Your compassion knows no bounds. You don't just "Talk the talk" you "Walk the walk!"

I'm sorry to be leaving Walworth County and Wisconsin, but do know I will read your letters every week because they are so awesome and inspiring and they give people hope! You change people's lives; you take away pain and suffering. I hope you know I will help when I can.

Nobody else does what you do! What an incredible example of human warmth, compassion and kindness you set for all of us. Thank you!

Pamela deRoy
Lake Geneva