Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

How Come John?
June 19, 2011 | 08:38 AM

If you ask questions beginning with "how come" you are obviously a whiner. "How come" you are an idiot? Surely you are a person that sits back and complains about any and everything. Surely you have been picked on and a victim your whole life. I live on Pleasant St. and my brush is picked up all the time. If you aren't satisified that your brush is not picked up immediately, "how come" you don't load it up and drive your lazy arse to the street department and dump it yourself? "How come" you believe the fire department did not take care of the last truck? I stopped in at their open house and the thing looked well taken care of and clean. "How come" you can't make a proper sentence or use proper spelling or punctuation? "How come?"

Calling out John "How Come"