Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Wasteful Borrowing.
June 21, 2011 | 04:24 PM

Never a good idea to borrow on computers.....they are obsolete before they're ever paid for.....Firetrucks.....ever hear of Grant Writing??? or Contacting different Foundations for help or donations of these items or Heavens to Betsy good old fashioned fundraising. Why is the solution ALWAYS..... BORROW & RAISE TAXES. For goodness sakes isn't there anyone educated enough there to step up & lend direction.... ie: car washes, Pie Bake sales, Scrap metal collection PopCans,spare change at stores registers "Help our FIrefighters" ( How much are you getting for the old firetruck to help with replacement costs? Watermelon Eating Contests at the Riveria on busy tourists weekends entry fee $5....prizes donated by????? Come on folks where are you going to go when there's no more money to borrow & no more taxes to raise. GET CREATIVE NOW.

P. S. And Build that darn Skate Park for those young ones....they are your BEST Resources.
P.P.S. Furnish that Dog Park with RECYCLED Grocery Bags that visitors replenish. several cylyndrical tubes strategically placed in park. If you take one bring 2 back with you next time you visit. It ain't Rocket Science...just common courtsey. Sharing & Caring

Tired of the Same Ole same Ole