Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

June 22, 2011 | 08:48 PM

I think there is a case of jealousy. If the people with land near the launches had the area to park trailers, don't you think they would. Look at Elkhorn during fair time. Look at Lambear field. I wish you all the best John.
And yes, John would have to charge 5.5% tax, some of which comes back to the local tax district.
I was here first was absolutley right. The lake belongs to all to use, not to just those that can find a spot to park in the Williams Bay, Linn Twp, Lake Geneva, or Fontana launches. If you can park it elsewhere you can use the lake. I do see an attempt to stop people in Williams Bay to stop people from launching when their launch parking is full. Maybe they should be told to launch and park at the Pier!

Mel (or someone who knew him well)