Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

June 29, 2011 | 03:34 PM

How much money is it going to take to teach these kids? Let us have a bottom line figure and stop all this constant we need more, more, more and more money every year. When I was working and had a job I didn't get a raise every year and yet I kept improving my job and getting more responsibilities handed to me. I didn't get more money for it in fact I lost money. So let's just stop this constant crying about how the teachers have it so bad because of funding. Money doesn't teach, the teacher does that.
When I went to grade school there was 2 different grades in the same room and the same teacher taught both grades on the same day. The classroom held over 60 students combined and all of the students learned their lessons and the teacher didn't run off screaming. Plus we didn't have computers or Ipods back then either. Just books, paper and chalkboard in the classroom. If the teachers don't like the conditions then change professions and stop picking my pocket for more money.

Local Resident