Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE:Frequent Area Visitor
July 06, 2011 | 09:16 PM

I read your comment and boy you hit the nail right on the head. I have lived here for a good many years when I came here from Illinois and you can set your watch to the vehicles sitting in any given bars lot on any given day. The same cars everyday at the same time and if you have time you can plot their whole day by checking lots. You are correct on the smoking, drinking and the teeth issue. Some don't have good hygiene Why is that? Some in this county prefer to live off the county than find work and that is what they do everyday go from bar to bar.
In response to Deb's comment on flatlanders being rude look in the mirror first before pointing the finger at others. Yes there are rude people from Illinois but for every rude one from Illinois I can point out 3 from Wisconsin. Rude, obnoxious and self obsorbed in themselves. She answered here own comment. If all these as she puts it Rude Illinois people stay home. Who brings the revenue into this area? She as many others here seem to forget this is a TOURIST AREA AND WE RELY ON TOURIST MONEY. Without them we are dead. But, we'll cut our nose off to spite our face just to prove a point that doesn't exist.
I hear it all the time how Illinois people come here and don't follow the laws here such as no U-turns and no crossing lanes of traffic to get a parking space. Everytime I have witnessed such events the license plate on the car is WISCONSIN. Many of these people who feel Illinois people are rude don't mind them spending money here just don't enjoy yourself.
As for this Recovery House it is needed in this area and I see no problem with it.

Soon to be former Resident.