Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

If everybody saves and doesn't spend...
July 13, 2011 | 01:45 PM

... there will be no new jobs. I'm not just talking about the skate park. Borrowing, spending, creating, remodeling, replacing... it all needs to be done to keep people employed. This is how this country operates. The new fire truck keeps the firefighters who need it safe, as well as provides better/faster responses when YOU need it. Plus it keeps the people who build it working. The skate park will employ not only the designer, but contractors (hopefully local ones) and maintenance personnel too. If you want to keep your jobs, as I'm sure most do, there NEEDS to be spending. That is the only way that the economy is going to recover. You should educate yourselves a little more about city budgets, spending and economics before instantly axing everything YOU feel we don't need.