Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 14, 2011 | 07:45 PM

"People who will wave the American flag and scream "Don't tread on me!" when someone DARES to suggest that billionaires may have to give up their tax breaks in a time of financial crisis."

Oh, you mean give up on keeping their OWN money? If you want to redo the system to make the rates lower and eliminate loopholes, that's fine. I wonder what your stance is on people freeloading off the system by taking advantage of money that's NOT THEIRS?

"It's sad that someone can be so blindly loyal to filthy-rich opportunists such as the Koch Brothers yet so ardent in his opinion that the very people who help raise our children are nothing more than "money suckers.""

Feel the same way about George Soros? I bet not. Nice Koch Brothers reference. Just what set of talking points did you get that from?

Enough Already
Lake Geneva